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    High Glossy Environmentally Friendly Acrylic Surface Layer of The Cabinet Door Plank Board

    • FOB Price:USD 39.9~69.9 / Piece
    • Min Order: 50 Pieces
    • Supply Ability:20000 Pieces per Month
    • Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union, Other
    • Place of Origin:China
    • Port:Shenzhen
    • Brand Name:HUAHENG
    • Model Number:HH-802
    • Shipment:15 days after recieve deposit
    • Package:Covered with transparents protection flim, two sheets face to face placed in the middle of each is EPE protection film, four corners are fixed with rubber.

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    Dongguan Huaheng Furniture Material CO., LTD.

    • China
    • Busineess Type:Manufacturer
    • Main Products:polymer acrylic board, UV board, wood veneer uv panel, colorful magnesium board
    • Product Info
    • Contact Info

    Product Details:

    • Accessories:Handle & Knob

    • Style:Modern

    • Carcase Material:MDF,Plywood

    • Door Material:HPL / HPDL,MDF,Plywood

    • Door Panel Surface Treatment:Acrylic

    • Cabinet Type:Base Cabinets


    • 1.size: 1220*2440mm 2.thickness: 3-25mm 3. Vivid in color 4. Environmental and healthy production 5. Surface smooth like mirror, looks like new 6. Anti-scratch, not burglary


      High Glossy Environmentally Friendly Acrylic Surface Layer of The Cabinet Door Plank Board

      1. About Polymer Acrylic Board

      HUAHENG ploymer acrylic board is a kind of new environmental board, impoart equipment and unique technique achieve HUAHENG acrylic board.

      2. Product Feature:

      1) High glossy surface, mirror highlights effect is obvious, the base without folds.

      2) Weathering resistance: panel coated high concentrations of ultraviolet absorption, can the long-term weathering resistance, never fade

      3) Impact resistance: compare with glass products is 200 times, not break wrinkles.

      4) Flame resietance: non-hypergol, self-extinguishing.

      5) Plump film, attractive color, and environmental health.


      3. Carcase material



      4. Color reference 


      5. Packing



                                                              TEL: +86-769-89786960

    Contact Person:

    • daisy,zhang
    • Job Title: Foreign trade salesman,Sales
    Contact Supplier
    Mobile Phone:15876966137
    Street:Mintian Industrial Zone. Shatian Town

    Company details:

    • Company Name: Dongguan Huaheng Furniture Material CO., LTD.
    • Oprational Address: Mintian Industrial Zone, Shatian Town, dongguan, guangdong, china
    • Company Phone: 86-769-89786960
    • Company Fax: 86-769-88686877

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