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    freeze dried vegetables bulk

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    • Package:10 gram per one, 5kgs per carton, the carton size is 41*30*19 cubic cm or as your requirements

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    Guangxi Nanning Hao Cong Zai Food Co., Ltd.

    • China
    • Busineess Type:Manufacturer
    • Main Products:Dried mango, dried pineapple, dried cherry tomato, dr
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    1 packing: 2.5kg to a plastic bag, 4 bags to a carton
    2 MOQ:500KGs
    3.we have our own factories
    4.QS, FDA, Kosher


    1. The general marketing consensus is that fresh vegetables are visually more appealing than dried, thereby earning more display space and adding color to the produce sections of stores and farmers'' markets.

    2. But nutritionist and author Sara Le Bas prefers the dried produce, primarily because it is convenient and a time saver.

    3. When the sweet potato is created as a dried snack it does not have to be washed, prepared or peeled, thus making it easier to serve, especially to children.

    4. Oftentimes, vegetables and fruits are steamed or boiled briefly before they are dried, to help speed up the drying process and to kill microorganisms.

    5. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of lutein, which helps keep the eyes safe from oxidative stress and decreases the risk for eye disease, such as age-related macular degeneration.


    What''s more, we also supply sweet potato, dried pineapple,

     dried cherry tomato,  dried mango  and some other dried snacks.


    Our business parner. 




    Welcome your interests! I will be reply you at my first free time!


    Contact Person:

    • Mr. Qiang Lu
    • Job Title: Director
    Contact Supplier
    Mobile Phone:+8613257712690
    Street:No.4 Qiaoguang Road, China-Asean Economic Zone, WuMing County,Nanning City,Guangxi Province, China
    City:Nanning City

    Company details:

    • Company Name: Guangxi Nanning Hao Cong Zai Food Co., Ltd.
    • Location of Registration: China (Mainland) Guangxi Nanning City
    • Oprational Address: No.4 Qiaoguang Road, China-Asean Economic Zone, WuMing County, Nanning City, Guangxi Province, China

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